Whats an Web Application?

Any program that runs inside a web browser and does some useful ( or maybe useless ) thing is called a web application. One of the most widely used web application is Google. Google lets you to search almost anything on the Internet.  You type a search term and Google returns you a set of web pages matching that result.

Google Search

Even to create a simple Google interface, one needs to know three types of dialects. The first one is HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ) , that defines what should the Google page have. In the above picture you can see the Google page has a Google logo, a text field beneath it and two buttons beneath the text field.

Well, thats not enough, the image and all the field  re located at the middle of the page. The buttons and text field has some kind of styling added to it, this is done using CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) , a dialect that tells the browser how to display things.

When you start typing, the entire Google page changes, you see that Google starts to guess what you are searching for ( feature called suggest ), there is a drop down, and Google lets you choose search terms from it. This dynamic interaction is done using a language / dialect called Javascript.

Google Suggest

Javascript is a language that can be run by your web browser , you can write simple ( or complex ) programs with it.

So thats pretty much it about a web application. All you need to know from this blog is this:

  1. A web application (webapp) is a program thats runs in your web browser and probably does some thing useful
  2. You need to know three dialects HTML, CSS, and Javascript to write almost any kind of webapp
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