Why webapps popularity has sored?

Open Street Map running in a web browser

In this article we will see how and why webapp’s popularity has sored. An application that runs on desktop is called normal computer application, the one that runs on a web page is called web application. Today we see why the popularity of web applications are  soring and why did web-browser become the most widely used application on almost all computers.

No need any installation

One reason why web applications became popular is because there is no need to install any software. All you need to use a web application is to type the URL and your software gets loaded into the browser just like that. This is highly convenient compared to downloading, installing and configuring a software.

No loss of data

Traditional applications store data on your computer. If your computer crashes, all work is  lost for ever. In a web application, the data you put in it is stored in a centralized server which is well maintained. Even if your computer crashes, the data in the database will be secure. You can switch to another computer and  continue your task.

Less Maintenance

There is no need to install software if you are using webapp, and your data wont be lost  even if your system crashes. So there is almost no need for maintenance or pay the I.T guy thing here. It saves huge costs, and hence web apps are adopted by many organizations around the world.

All OSes have a web browser

All operating systems have web browsers in them. An browser like Firefox runs on almost any known personal computing device. hence if you can create a web application that runs in that browser, you can access and work with that application almost from all devices running any operating system. Thats really convenient.

Open Standard

HTML and Javascript and most server side scripting languages are open standard. There are free software available for us to construct almost any type of web application. With openness comes innovation. HTML has come far from being a document description language to stage where games can b built on top of it. Hence more varieties of software ranging from image editing program to CAD can work right inside web browser with all convenience mentioned above.

All the above reasons and few other has made web technology explode and hence there is a huge demand for web developers.

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