How web applications work?

Web applications have this client server model. You know that the stuff in your web browser that can do some thing is a web application, well how it gets there?

The web browser is the client. A remote computer having Ruby in itis the server.

When you type in your web browser, it specifies a unique address ( like a phone number ). Your browser technically called as client gets connected to the Google server. Your client actually send a request for the web application ( this time to search the Internet ) and the Google server responds by sending the HTML, CSS and javascript files for the google site to function.

Well now seeing it from the programmers point of view, the client is just HTML code and the server for us is Ruby on Rails framework.

In programmers view HTML code is loaded into the client and server has Ruby on Rails stack

Lets say that you have typed a search term in, you would see Google suggesting searches for you. How does it know / predict what you want to search? Where does it store it? Well it stores it in a huge database. The server side script can access the database. As you type each letter, the Javascript in your browser sends a request of what you had typed to the server, the server script has access to the database.

The server side Rails stack has the ability to connect with database and store data

It looks into the data base, determines what you could be searching for and suggests it for you.

During the operation of a web application, there could be thousands of request and responses between from the client and server. All of it hidden from our view.

So this is how an web application works. In future blogs we will see how to install tools for developing web applications and how to get started with it.

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