Knowledge needed to learn Rails

So if you are about to dive into the wonderful world of Rails, you need to have some basic kowledge. This blog tells you what they are and where to acquire them

  1. The first thing you need to know is HTML and CSS which is used to create beautiful web pages and style them properly. You can learn about HTML here and CSS here.
  2. Next you need to learn Javascript, a programming language thats runs in the web browser thus enabling to write client side programs. you can learn it here.
  3. Once you have learned Javascript, try on jQuery. jQuery is a Javascript library thats lets writing Javascript quiet enjoyable. You can learn it here. Or try out a good jQuery book like Learning jQuery.
  4. Learn Ruby programming language. You can try out a good book like The well grounded Rubyist, or if you are in short of time you can get this boo Learn to Program.

Thats pretty much it, remember to practice, practice and practice. Once our Javascript stuff is over its better to try out coffee script. Coffee script is a better way to write Javascript and its included in Rails by default. You can also have a look at Saas which is a better form of CSS and is included in Rails by default.

If you are already a web developer all you need to do is learn Ruby, Coffee script ( try The Little book on Coffee script ) and Sass. that will give you a solid foundation to learn Rails.

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