Redcar, perfect IDE for Rails

Many of you will be looking for a good IDE for rails and there is one. Its a kind of text mate clone and is written in ruby (needs JRuby to run) and its called redcar.

In Ubuntu I had a problem. Geany IDE was great but all my rails project required opening one file and another file in next minute. This required time loss as I need to switch from geany to file manager (nautilus) and open the corresponding file in geany once again. But with redcar I could open the entire rails folder type Ctrl+T and type name of any file name and it will pop up to be opened. Its far quicker than switching between IDE and file-manager windows.

Since text mate is considered one of the best IDE for Rails, and redcar has most of text mate’s features its better you use it for rails an save lot of time at your work

To install redcar just type

 $ gem install redcar
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