Twitter CLDR for i18n

Currently I am in a company called Webtoday Business. They some how seem to match up to my vision of Rails is the future (of web development) as compared to PHP. Those are just the days when I started PHP, when it was PHP 4, then people ridiculed me for moving away from Java. Java at that time was awesome for two reasons.  First you could do anything with it, write stuff that can run from things like smart cards to program a servers.  The second reason for Java being great is that it was not Microsoft. But I was a web developer and I saw future in PHP which at that time did not even have a Unicode support! Then PHP became king of web development, over took Perl and Java blah blah….

Java has excellent i18n ( internationaliztion) which is absent in Ruby (see video above), but thankfully people at twitter are working on it and they are releasing the gem as twitter CLDR , which I think is awesome. A French project will soon be taken up by us soon, I wish to test this twitter i18n library then. Hopefully more blogs then if I have time. Till then enjoy!

  1. #1 by Chris Aniszczyk on August 2, 2012 - 1:22 am

    We blogged about this today too, also released some JS support!

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