Opal brings joy of Ruby to Javascript

Lets agree, Javascript sucks. Its simply not elegant as ruby. This has made many companies hire a Javascript developer and a Rails programmer to complete their web projects. This Javascript is a pain for any Ruby developer, it has clunky syntax, its not evil however. Another complication is that all browser will only execute Javascript and no other good languages like Python, Ruby, Perl or some other good stuff. that sucks, but thats how the world works.

There have been many developments to shield developers from Javascript. Google has now developed a language called Dart which gets compiled to js, Rails in the past implemented Rails Javascript (rjs) and now we have coffeescript. But could anything come close to  Ruby? I don’t think so!

I was  just having the idea why can’t we have a ruby script getting compiled into Javascript, in fact I wished to shield  Rails developer from  CSS too (though I donno how that could be done, and my laziness would have ensure it would stay as an concept). just imagine, you are a rails developer, why you need to know any other language than Ruby to develop webapps? Just knowing Ruby alone to create an web app would put tremendous productivity to  Ruby programmer.

Thankfully some one has come up with this stuff called opal, which is nothing but Ruby to js compiler. So  its party time. I wish Opal gets wide acceptance among Rails dev’s like haml, so that this project even if not integrated into rails officially, will grow and flourish.

So, please try opal and see how it works.

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