Debugging Ruby Apps Step by Step

There is always the time in a programmers life, you are stuck with a app where you really don’t know what went wrong. Fortunately there is a way to execute your app step by step and see what’s going on. To do this install the debugger gem. In your terminal type the following

$ gem install debugger

And it gets installed.


Take a look at the program

require 'debugger'

def sum a, b
  debugger # place this line where breakpoint is needed
  c = a + b

puts "Sum of 3 and 5 is #{sum 3,5}"

Notice that I have placed a debugger point in line 4 , the program will stop at that point. You can type disp a to display the value of variable a in function sum. To goto the next step press n or next. To continue after the debug point type c or continue . If at all you want to get help, run the program and type help to see quiet good bit of help built into it. Enjoy debugging!


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