Javascript Learning Trail

Though I hate Javascript for all its imperfectness, lie English which is imperfect but has become an international language, javascript is fast becoming the language of the web. Weather you are a PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby or whatever developer, you need to learn Javascript. This blog explains how to go about learning it.

Learn the basics

First know what javascript is. Goto a website like and try practisig Javascript. If you are a good programmer this will suffice, else get this book ‘Eloquent Javascript’ from here , read it, and make sure you practice it.

Learn Object Oriented Javascript

Object oriented programming is one of the best invention man has made. Read a book like ‘Pro Javascript Design Patterns‘ , to know how to create reusable code. as long as you are designing small applications, things are okay. But serious web apps need something professional and object oriented so that you can accomplish more by typing less.

Many programmers who are using functional programming simply don’t understand the goodness of object oriented programming(OOP). Please don’t feel lazy to learn OOP, if you fail to learn it, you simply cannot go up the professional ladder above a certain level. Realize that Earth is not flat.

Learn jQuery

jQuery is a wonderful DOM manipulation library written atop Javascript which will reduce lines of code you need to type to develop an application. Its has simply become an unofficial extension of Javascript. So if you are asping to become a good front end developer for web, jQuery is must. You can ger a good book on jQuery like Beginning jQuery to read.

Learn Coffeescript

There are lot of typos that you can make in Javascript, and what if i can say that you can reduce 100 lines of Javascript to 700 lines. Or by just typing 700 lines you can create 1000 lines of Javascript. Coffeescript helps you to achieve that. Learn it by by going here, if you have learned Javascript well, coffee script will be jiffy. Learn coffee script from here

Well, that’s it. I can just say what is the learning path. If you ask me how to deal with your stupid client or demanding girl friend, look out for some other blog 🙂


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Ditching my Rails Book

Hello People,

Am ditching my Rails book. well, I am in  a full time job now, in a kinda hot situation (not that girls here makes me hot),  but some things makes my blood boil, like peoples insisting on using Windows and Ditching Linux. WHATTTTTTTTTTTT? Ya they say this and that for that. Plus there is ample things here to work on. So till my friends here become a programming Jedi, I wont be free.

So I am ditching my Rails book which I announced here, and am going to Improve my Ruby book which can be downloaded clicking here.

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Planning for a Rails book

ror cover girl

Well, after the success of I Love Ruby( ), I am planning fora Rails book. You can see its cover above 😉

This book will be released under GNU free documentation license. Time will tell if this book will become a success.

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Auto Routing In Rails 3

Long long ago,  one fine day I switched from Rails 2.x to Rails 3.x and I notices a thing like this, when you have a controller like this one

class UserController < ApplicationController

  def profile
    @title = "Your Links"
    @links = Kaminari.paginate_array(current_user.links | current_user.jeweled_links).page(params[:page]).per(20)

  def search
    @title = "Search for #{params[:s]}"
    @links = current_user.search_links(params[:s]).page(params[:page]).per(20)
    render :profile

and if you type http://localhost:3000/user/profile , you will get an error unless the route get ‘user/profile’ is added into routes.rb .
It might be frustrating for one to add hundreds of routes in a large project and quiet not so good looking to see a huge routes.rb file, so how to go about the Rails 2 way where you put an action in an controller you can simply access it?
Well its quiet simple, just launch your routes.rb file and find this line
match ':controller(/:action(/:id))(.:format)'

It would be commented out, so uncomment it. Now launch http://localhost:3000/user/profile in your browser and it will load!

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Launching Ruby Links

Possible Ruby Links Logo

Possible Ruby Links Logo

Hello people. One problem with Ruby and its spinoffs like Rails, Sinatra and blah blah is that its documentation, books, tutorials are scattered all over the internet. I was wondering could this all be got under one place. In fact Google has done it. But is googlean excellent vertical specific search engine and book marking thing? No. Well I present you with .

This is not a search engine though, all you can do is, if you find a great link about Ruby and its allied technology, you can post it here. If soe one likes it, they can jewel it. You are presented with your own page here all the links posted and jeweled by you are listed, so that there is no need for you to scratch your head and say, “where did I see that?”

Ruby Links is a free software, hosted here , please post bugs and suggestions there, ad if possible contribute for the benefit of Ruby community.

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Learning Postgre is Quiet Essential

When its in PHP, people always proffered LAMP, that is PHP running on Apache server,  data stored in MySQL and all this runs on Linux server. Now Rails is slowly bt surely chipping into PHP’s territory. ore people like to start their project with Rails than with PHP (at least the people I know). Or should  I say Sinatra as its very easy to learn.

Now there is a change here. MySQL was popular with Rails, but its no more now. Not because its technically inferior to Postgre, but because its owned by Oracle. Oracle is a big company. Its just interested in making profit unlike the free software community which is interested  in delivering software to people so that they can benefit out of it. This corporate interest has made MySQL stall. The initial creator of MySQL, Monty Widenus has even started another project called MariaDB, a drop in replacement to MySQL.

But the mood in Rails community is clear. Most Rails apps as far as I know run with PostgreSQL. So learn Postgre. If your app receives lot of hits, possibly tou might dig deep into raw sql to improve its performance. Postgre also has a thing called Geographic Information System in which you can store geographic data, and ask queries like ‘which is the bakery thats nearest to my home?’ and so on.

So if you are interested really and are sure that your app will be popular, use and dig into PostgreSQL.

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Developing Large Scale Web Application (with Ruby on Rails)

My talk on Aprill 6th 2012 at Chennai.rb conference in System Insights, Chennai.

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