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This name calling thing

Well, I am a web developer for some long long time and web has changed a lot. A good change is Microsoft is almost out of web. No servers that are known to me run Windows and Internet explorer is dead for good (except few bloody large corporations). This blog is not about that it about another stuff.

There is this name calling thing in web technology which these marketing guys used / use to get more money from client. Long long ago we used a technique where the entire page need not get refreshed, but only part of it does. For this we need to write about 300 lines of code (which fortunately can be reused). Then people started calling it Ajax, and webpages having ajax costs a lot. Now Ajax can be written in 5 lines of code if you wish, thanks to jQuery and all other blah blah Javascript stuff.

Long before the term called “smart phones” was coined, we developers designed pages that can be seen even in mobile devices. This thing is now called responsive design and is promoted as a big thing. I really don’t understand what the fuss is about. When it was difficult to do, none promoted it, when it becomes easy, people give it a name and if they can do the most difficult stuff they project themselves as a big thing.

And there is another thing now called the cloud. Which essentially is cheating. Since we have a computer that have tetrabytes of memory, but memory on our handhelds is only gigabytes, but we are now in a age where tons of data can be streamed to us and we need real time stuff (thats the socio illusionary status society has created). If we have one data or update in one device we need that to be updated in another device too, this called for centralized server to sync things, and thats its. With virtualization we can have banks of computers say in USA, Europe, Australia and configure it in such a way that even if one fails other will take over. This thing too has been done for a long time. Now they call it the Cloud.

What the  &^#!@$$#@$#


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Mozilla Persona must catch up

Mozilla Logo

Mozilla is one company that really respects the freedom of internet users. While its browser rival Google Chrome ttys to track users and recommend advertisements and search results that suits them, Mozilla’s firefox tries to respect ones privacy if one wishes to be so.

For long we have this single sin on, that is each website needs to authenticate  user, and it has to make user under go painful task of creating an login account. This process is eased by stuff like openId, Google, Facebook and Twitter’s sine  sign on process. But Google and Facebook track a lot of ones behavior since their business is based on advertisement revenues, which depend on these websites knowing what exactly the user wants, and hence tracking is inevitable and your privacy i compromised.

Mozilla is a non profit company that runs on ones donations and it has put up  a single sign on framework called persona . Persona does not track a person, compromise ones security  and possibly won’t collaborate with NSA.

So try using it in your website. Any gem for it anyone? It would be nice to to have a compact gem to us it in ones web applications. hopefully it catches up and leads.

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