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Linus Tovarlds Talks about git Versioning

Though very old, this video is very relevant.


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Ruby Style Guidelines Being Developed

Ruby style guidelines are being developed. Please checkout

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rvm Gemsets

Lets say that you have two different Rails app. Now these apps would require certain types of gems, and some times these gem requirements could clash with each other. If that happens its better to use a thing called gem sets.

To know about gem sets take a look at this picture.


At the bottom you see the mighty rvm upon which can sit many Ruby installations, these installations can be switched using the rvm use <Ruby_version_number> , but lets say that you have two Ruby applications and for some strange reason you want to use one with older version of gems with one and another needs to use newer set of gems. You may want to  use different set of gems for an application, how to do that?

Well rvm has a thing called gemset with which you can group a set of gems under a name under a particular version of Ruby. This means as shown in the diagram above, note the green  boxes above Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 , you can have nnumber of gems ranginging from g1 to gn. You can name these gemsets any name you wish so that its quiet user friendly to change.

in the future if you think your Ruby / Rails / Sinatra or any other application is faltering due to  wrong gems installed, create a new gem set for it, switch it using rvm gemset commands and hope all things will go right. I am not going to dive deep into it as the rvm gemset has a good documentation here.

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Strange Rails Project Ever


I am currently working in a company called Webtoday business and the first Rails project here  seems to be quiet strange. Right from the start the client seems to worry too much about database. In fact he wants to design databases first before doing a single line of Ruby code. What? I am quiet puzzled. Really puzzled.

Rails is meant to get you head start, its supposed to make programmers life breeze and if one wants project in Rails, he must respect programmers. Now I am updating huge excel sheets and arguing with client what possible columns should or should not be there, reading mini-novel sized technical emails. It all sucks.

To rub salt on wounds the management wants me to pass every email to it, we have a tech discussion before even sending a hello to client. My life is in ruin. I am running in and out of meetings and just waiting my time. So much time has been wasted, that if I alone had coded diligently would have finished the beta version of the product. God! I have given up hopes that this client would ever understand Rails and  would not be surprised if the project fails.


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